I do hate working here at Petrini’s. It’s the reason I have to get up early in the morning when I should still be sleeping away. The store is really getting in my way. I consider myself to be a night person. Dayshift is worthless. I wish I could find a night job right now. The whole job scene here is real poor these days. There seems to be alot of people out of work and I suspect there are more unemployed people to come. Night jobs are so much harder to find than day jobs and most of the night jobs I’ve checked into so far are real shitty. There must be a solution to my employement situation. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to hold out with this job at Petrini’s. I know I’ll have to keep the job as long as it takes to find something else. And that’s what worries me.

It was a drab, boring day today. My dad woke me up because I had a phone call. He didn’t want to take a message when he knew he could take advantage of the call and use it as an excuse to hassle me out of bed. It was delibrate annoyance on his part. This is something he has down to a science. He hates it when I try to sleep in. To him, if you don’t get up at five every morning you are a slob and a bum. So I’m a bum. I’m not always a slob. Dad seemed to be in an extra bad mood today. He got into a fight with mom over something. Maybe it had to do with her car needing an oil change. They never fight over anything important, just stupid shit that doesn’t matter. He kept slamming doors all over the house today. I think it gives him a great deal of pleasure to slam doors in the house and it’s an extra bonus if he slams doors while I’m sleeping and it wakes me up. He loves that shit.


~ by factorypeasant on August 16, 2004.

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