I worked 11 to 4 at the store today. After work I went to the Junior College to get squared away with my classes. Luckily I got all the classes I wanted, twelve units worth. While I was there I got my parking permit, new ID card, and I went into my first session with a course counsellor. It was productive. I’m going to start working on my AA degree as of tomorrow morning at 9. That’s gonna suck. It’s all art courses and if everything goes well next semester I’ll start on my general ed classes.

Things with Katie didn’t work out. On new year’s eve she came out here to the studio with Dolly and Colleen. Adam was here and Brandy showed up with Ben (her dirtbag boyfriend). Scott and Luke popped in through the night with some other people but for most of the night it was me and Adam here with the three girls. Katie and I went into the gallery for a while to get away from everyone else. I locked the door behind us to make sure Dolly didn’t barge in. Katie and I stood there for a while grabbing at each other. Everything seemed cool.

Dolly became intensely drunk and obnoxious, as usual. Dolly managed to ruin my gig with Katie by waiting until Katie and Colleen had left the studio to go to her car and as soon as they left, Dolly came out of nowhere and jumped on me. It was shitty. Katie didn’t see what happened since she apparently was waiting for Dolly outside. The next day Dolly went around telling people she had “gotten together” with me, which was a flat out lie. That’s what she told Katie anyway, and I guess after that she decided I was a total fucker. I talked to Katie about it some more a few days afterward but she still said she didn’t want to see me anymore. I tried to tell her my side of the story but I stopped and decided to just leave it alone. After I thought about it some more I realized Katie wasn’t worth the effort. I was guilty of crimes that night to be sure, but it wasn’t from being filthy with Dolly, no sir. I’m angry at Dolly, disappointed with Katie, and I want to nail Colleen.

New Year’s Eve really turned into a disaster. Dolly was a total drunken beast. Repulsive. Katie was being cool, then not. Colleen was turning me on. She was cute as hell that night. Colleen got way too loaded. She handled her booze well enough at first, but she’s tiny and all of a sudden it must have beat her down. She went across the hall to the bathroom probably to puke. I followed her in there and messed around with her for a bit. She didn’t act like she wanted me to go away so I played around with her for a few minutes. Then she started whimpering about how she had to go home. Problem was as I found out later, she had lied to her parents and said she was spending New Year’s Eve at Katie’s grandparents house. Colleen had a curfew. She freaked out when she realized she was hours late in getting home. By this time Katie was too hammered to drive Colleen to a phone so I decided to take her to a nearby corner store that had a pay phone out front.

I managed to get Colleen out of the barracks building and into my car. She slumped over in the seat with her head resting on the door and she looked like she would throw up at any moment. The corner store was a quick drive and when we got there I hopped out and opened the passenger door for her. Just as I swung the door open she leaned out and projectile vomited onto the pavement. Luckily, she missed my shoes. I gave her a quarter and watched her dial her parent’s number. I sat on the hood of my car observing and when Colleen started talking I had to fight the urge to laugh. She was slurring her words so badly and she started spinning this elaborate lie that just wasn’t working. At one point she just gave up talking and held the phone up in the air towards me. I figured what the hell. This could be funny.

I got on the phone and said hello. A woman’s voice said, “Are you Katie’s grandfather?” That really cracked me up. I laughed and said no, I wasn’t. Then she asked me where we were. I told her to hold on for a second while I checked the nearest street sign. I knew the area well enough to drive through and get around but I didn’t know the street names. I can’t remember what the street sign said now, but I told the woman on the phone what corner we were on. Then she says in a panic stricken voice, “You stay where you are. I’m calling the police!” I was startled and dumbfounded. A few seconds of silence went by while I thought of something to say. Then I said, “Well I can’t have that now can I?” I hung up.

Now I had a dilemma. Colleen was underage and I was not going to allow myself to get beat-down by the man for something this dumb. It was a little after 11pm and I didn’t want to miss midnight in the main exhibit hall at the barracks building. Colleen’s parents house was two towns over, off a freeway that leads into the boonies. Would Colleen be coherent enough to give me directions to her house? Or would she get us lost somewheres and puke all over the inside of my car in the process? It was a real fuckin’ drag but I decided to try to get her home. Every cop in the county was probably rolling on the streets looking to bust drunk drivers, and I certainly had been drinking. Back in my art studio I had stashed about a dozen bottles of champagne and by eleven o’ clock half of them were already dust. I was buzzed. Maybe even drunk.

It took us about a half hour to get close to where Colleen lived. When I was fairly certain she gave me good directions and we got close to her parents street I turned out my headlights and drove down the road until I was a couple houses away from where she said her house was. I pulled over and let her out. It was a rural road with no streetlights and obviously no one around was awake so I figured she’d be ok. I wanted to turn around and start driving back to the art studio before Daddy came out of the house with his shotgun seeking violent retribution. I got the hell out of there.

I made it back to the barracks buildings a few minutes before midnight. The party in the main hall turned out to be pretty weak so the whole attempt at rushing back in time was a complete waste. There was nothing but a bunch of dirty art-hippies whacked out of their minds on drugs and liquor. All of them were trying way too hard to be the night’s main attraction. Most of ’em stunk real bad too.


~ by factorypeasant on August 16, 2004.

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